Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's not Good Bye, It's See you Later

How could it be time for Elena to go! This past month has gone by way to fast. Today was a rough day not only for myself but for Elena as well. The morning was easy, get dress and eat breakfast. Something she had do everyday since coming. As the clock got closer to 11 I knew our time with her was coming to an end. We loaded up the truck and off we went to our meeting spot. All the kids seemed excited to be going home.  As the families started to say good bye the tears started to come. At this point Elena and I were ok. Well that was about to change.

 Elena was always great about asking before she did anything. She asked me for a hug. At this point I was ok, sad but not crying. It didn't take us long before both of us were crying. As we were saying good bye Jason told her " It's not good bye, it's see you later" Both of us wipe our faces and laugh. So to help lighten the emotions I asked for a group shot.

 All the students and their host families. What a wonderful group of people.
 All the students with their teacher Jose. I loved all the shirts they had to wear. This group was so much fun to be around. I was the crazy camera lady but they all would stop and let me get pics. Thank you all for letting me have so much fun with you!

 Our last family pic- let the crying begin. Over the past month we have had so much fun with Elena. She is truly one special girl. My heart aches knowing that our time together has come to an end but we will be in Spain next Summer. You might of started out " Our Summer Time Sister" but you are now part of our family. We will miss you but also Thank You for all the memories you brought to us this past month.


  1. I am also happy for the time we had--but feel so sad that its over:(

  2. Maybe all 16 families can plan a trip to Spain and visit our kids. I think all of them would love it.